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Membership for American and International Institutions

TESOL INSTITUTION ACCREDITATION is designed for institutions that are willing to provide the highest standards of education in the field of TESOL and are willing to devote part of their expertise to the further improvement of English, Chinese, Arabic, French and Spanish teaching standards in USA and abroad.

Schools can choose an Online TESOL Program, In-Class TESOL Program (Undergraduate), Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL, TEC Teaching English to Children Diploma, TBE Teaching Business English, TPE Teaching Professional English, TAE Teaching Academic English, TFSOL Teaching French to Speakers of Other Languages, TSSOL Teaching Spanish to Speakers of Other Languages , TASOL Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages or TCSOL Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other languages Diploma or Certificate programs; all courses lead to the same internationally recognized & endorsed qualification of “TESOL USA Accreditation.”

TAS Teaching Academic Subject Certification is also a new field in which we train graduates to learn how to convey and transfer their knowledge and skills to their students effectively to teach academic subjects.

TESOL USA welcomes language schools & universities who have made advancements in the field of TESOL and invite them to join the ranks of other prestigious and highly accomplished institutions across the globe. TESOL USA Accreditation is an assessment program designed to develop, recognize and retain our nation’s most accomplished teachers and improve overall teachers’ effectiveness through our accredited institutions. Institutions can become accredited members if they meet the qualification standards supporting TESOL USA’s mission.

TESOL USA Accreditation is a statement of Quality, Standard, Effectiveness, and Prestige among the Highly Achieved Credible National & Global Institutions.

As an accredited member of TESOL USA members must adhere to a strict code of practice and maintain the highest professional standards.

International Standards of TESOL qualifications require that your course must:

  • Contain at least 300 hours of study time
    • The course/ program must be rigorous and holistic and offer a minimum of 150 hours of theory and incorporate a minimum 150 hours of experience.
  • Be externally validated by a credible validation body such as TESOL Canada, TESOL USA, EUTA, TESOL Asia and TESOL Americas (South & Central America).

*For further enhancement of teaching standards, members are subject to annual periodic visits and inspections of their curriculum as well as teaching facilities.

Benefits of Becoming an Institutional Member:  

  • Accredited institutional members are among the selected elite academic institutions to provide quality education and demonstrate the highest standards of teaching skills.
  • Members consistently work together to create an excellence learning environment for their students, staff and instructors.
  • Privileged members are provided ongoing guidelines and support in improving their teaching skills and curriculum.
  • Through, professional development programs, publications, and promotional efforts, TESOL  USA enables thousands of educators, researchers, and administrators  worldwide to become more knowledgeable, effective and accomplished.
  • Future employment offers to their TESOL graduates; students graduating from accredited institutions can post their resumes on the TESOL USA database. Hundreds of organizations and institutions contact TESOL USA to find teachers for various positions and locations across the globe.
  • Accreditation with TESOL USA provides institutions with recognition of excellence; thus further legitimizing and empowering the institutions.
  • Institutions become members of a professional association.
  • Uniting establishments across the globe who are passionate about providing TESOL programs gives your institution the opportunity to provide input on education policies and initiatives that affect language teachers and students on various levels.
  • TESOL USA advertises and promotes on behalf of our accredited schools.
  • Institutional members become Partners in a Global TESOL Community.
  • TESOL USA offers numerous upgrading, specializing and profession development courses;  institutional members can offer these unique programs to their graduates.
  • Ability to find, submit and review resources offered by TESOL USA in the areas of practice.
  • Students have access to scholarship programs and awards toward TESOL programs.
  • Leadership and training opportunities.
  • Students graduating from your Institution are accredited TESOL USA graduates and by becoming members will receive TESOL USA certificates.
  • Institutions located abroad can offer their students an American approved diploma and certificate, making it easier for students to gain employment in North America.
  • Your students are offered TESOL USA membership at a discounted rate.

*We hope to see your students’ further achievements in TESOL and related fields and welcome them into TESOL USA membership upon their graduation.


In the most rigorous and comprehensive study to date TESOL USA found that students taught by Certified Teachers scored higher grades on tests such as TOEFL & IELTS than students taught by teachers  who are  not TESOL USA certified. These certified teachers are trained & educated through TESOL USA’s accredited institutional members.

States Ambassadors:
TESOL USA is currently recruiting institutions to be our States Ambassadors and points of contact in various regions across USA. We would like to have representatives for TESOL USA in every state and and major metropolitan area.

Please note a States Ambassador receives an Honor Accreditation & Representation Certificate.

Next Steps:
If your institution is interested in becoming an Accredited Member or a State Ambassador of TESOL USA please complete the following form requesting the “Ambassador Manual” which is a detailed guide regarding representation and application process.

Additional Inquiry:

You may also inquire about upcoming Courses, Seminars and Webinars, Registrations, Scholarships, Tuition Fees, Employment Opportunities or becoming a State Ambassador in USA or Foreign Ambassador Agency by completing the following preliminary form:accreditation

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