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TESOL USA is USA’s largest recognized online TESOL centre and the Only Official Centre to provide both standards and accreditations to Teachers  of  English,  French & Spanish across USA, Canada and around the globe.  TESOL is the condensed form of Teaching English to the Speaker of Other Languages, a prestigious, globally acknowledged qualification. TESOL USA offers membership and accreditations to elite Institutions offering the TESOL program, to TESOL graduates, to ESL teachers and teachers of additional languages. Additional memberships are offered to teachers of Arabic TASOL, Chinese TCSOL, Japanese TJSOL, Korean TKSOL, Spanish TSSOL, French TFSOL, Portuguese TPSOL, Russian TRSOL, Turkish TTSOL and Persian TIPSOL. TESOL USA has been dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in accreditation of TESOL, TESL or TEFL training in USA, Canada & Overseas since 1995.TESOL recognition through TESOL USA is meant to be a teacher’s first step in the field of teaching languages, opening doors to a total freedom with an adventurous & prosperous life! TESOL / TESL accreditation qualifications and TESOL Memberships awarded by TESOL USA are recognized by institutions throughout, Canada, USA, UK, the European Union and the rest of the world. They demonstrate teachers academic success & values to show commitment, ambition and self-discipline.
TESOL USA (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – USA) is an American Non Profit Organization  dedicated to advocacy of TESOL learners and teachers in USA & abroad. Board of Directors of TESOL USA is  supported by American University  academics who are focused on unifying  teachers and learners, addressing  issues  related to Language Learning Skills, Design of Conversation Workshops and Structured Lesson Plans on Grammar and Vocabulary. Board of TESOL USA is also involved in additional Research and Development in Methodologies, Teaching Skills as well as curriculum development along with publications of their results and sharing their knowledge and experiences globally with other TESOL affiliated organizations and teachers.  TESOL  USA has spent a  great effort to establish American Standards in TESOL, TEC, TESL, TEFL, TFSOL, TSSOL, ESL, TOEFL – TOEIC and TFI Teaching and accreditations of English, French and Spanish language programs among American institutions.tesol_banner
Bilingual USARespecting bilingual environment of USA in English and Spanish along with an increased usage of French, Chinese & Arabic languages, since 1998 TESOL USA has developed applicable and remarkable programs in TSSOL USA ® (Teaching Spanish to Speakers of Other languages) and DELF (Diplôme d’enseignement de la langue français) known as TFSOL USA ® (Teaching French to Speakers of Other Languages) respectively for Spanish & French teachers. In addition TESOL USA in collaboration with TESOL Canada offers TASOL & TCSOL to train Arabic and Chinese language teachers.
TESOL USA  and TSSOL USA are supported by  American Bilingualism Organizations to promote and protect bilingual heritage and culture of the United States of America.  For inquiries or to register, please Contact Us.
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