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TESOL recognition through TESOL USA is meant to be your first step in the field of teaching, opening doors to a total freedom with an adventurous & prosperous life. TESOL USA Accreditation is an assessment program designed to develop, recognize and retain our nation’s most accomplished teachers and improve overall teachers’ effectiveness through our accredited institutions.  TESOL USA Accreditation is a statement of quality, standard, effectiveness, and prestige among the highly achieved credible educational members, not only of our nation but worldwide. Colleges & Language schools in USA and around the world are more careful in hiring their teachers, and gradually TESOL Certification has found its place of standards among employers in the language industry.

TESOL USA offers membership and accreditations to Institutions offering TESOL program, to TESOL graduates, to ESL teachers and teachers of additional languages. Additional memberships are offered to teachers of Arabic TASOL, Chinese TCSOL, Japanese TJSOL, Korean TKSOL, Spanish TSSOL, French TFSOL, Portuguese TPSOL, Russian TRSOL, Turkish TTSOL and Persian TPSOL.

TESOL & TESL accreditation qualifications and TESOL Memberships awarded by TESOL USA are recognized by TEFL & TESL institutions throughout, Canada, USA, UK, the European Union and the rest of the world. TESOL USA has received International recognitions by the Canadian Language Teachers Association, European Union TESOL Association, TESOL Canada, TESOL Asia, and Ministry of Employment Quebec, Ministry of Labour Canada, Equivalency by Ministry of Education Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia as well as World Teachers Organization WTO. In the United States, TESOL USA is recognized as accrediting organization to set standards of language teaching nation wide. TESOL USA Institutional Members are recognized by Secretary of Education and some through Department of Education.

TESOL USA Membership and Accreditation will put you on the top of the chart when it comes to prestige in hiring experienced and skilled language teachers.

TESOL INSTRUCTOR ACCREDITATION is designed primarily for those wishing to teach the TESOL Program within an accredited TESOL Institution. TESOL students must be trained with an accredited instructor within a credited institution to be considered for their TESOL accreditations. To become a TESOL Instructor one must apply for TESOL USA Instructor Accreditation and meet all requirements to be certified. Application form is available through email request at info@tesolusa.org /
TESOL STUDENTS & GRADUATES ACCREDITATION is designed for newly graduated TESOL students who are “New Teachers” in the field of English, French & Spanish education.

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZ9SwDn1kS6rFVu7qPN2aAUcAy8Mzrvn_AYKw3YkqkKjFdH_NvBenefits of Accreditation and Membership:

  • TESOL USA Accreditation is a statement of quality, standard, effectiveness, and prestige for professional development and lifelong teaching resources.
  • * Accreditation demonstrates your academic success and shows that you have commitment, ambition and self-discipline.
  • Validates graduates as Professional Teachers; Members become part of a Professional Association
  • Diploma Verification & Certification
  • Evaluation of relevant International university diplomas or degrees
    • Providence of American Certificate of equivalency for qualified members.
    • Evaluation of International TESOL, TESL, EFL Certificates (provides equivalency to USA Certification)
    • Evaluation of USA TESOL, TESL, EFL Certificates (provides international equivalency to American certified teachers working abroad)
  • International Teachers Evaluation Licensing Exam ” ITELE “
    • Provide members with educational publications, sample tests and study material.
    • Conduct actual ITELE exams in USA or in one of our affiliated overseas offices .
  • Members have access to Upgrading Career & Training Seminars.
  • Employment Workshops/ Upgrading Skills Seminars.
  • Target oriented employment workshops in specific fields.
  • Overseas employment opportunities including but not limited to USA, China, Korea, Italy & Japan.
  • Our privileged members are provided ongoing guidelines and support to improve their teaching skills, create lesson plans, curriculums and develop  syllabuses.
  • Though professional development programs and promotional efforts, TESOL  USA enables thousands of institutions and educators worldwide to become more knowledgeable, effective and accomplished.
  • Members can post their resumes on the TESOL USA database; Hundreds of organizations and institutions contact TESOL USA to find teachers for various positions and locations across the globe.
  • Uniting language teachers across the world who are passionate about education.
  • TESOL USA is a great place to network and become Partners in a Global Community
  • Ability to find, submit and review resources offered by TESOL USA in many areas of practice.
  • Membership grants access to scholarship programs and awards.
  • Overseas Employment Contract Verification and legalization, along with overseas legal protection.
  • Assistance in finding appropriate housing abroad.
  • Referrals to Post graduate online and correspondence courses in Career advancement trainings offered in various schools and colleges in USA and abroad.
  • TESOL certification is often a prerequisite for obtaining a work visa.
  • Accreditation maximizes our teachers’ competitive positions in relation to other teachers.


FREE Seminars:
Membership grants students the opportunity to take part in FREE Seminars and Training Session which are held quarterly in USA and abroad. These seminars include but are not limited to TEC (Teaching English to Children), TFC/ EFE (Teaching French to Children), TSC/ EEsN (Teaching Spanish to Children), TEG (Teaching English Grammar), TAE (Teaching Academic English, TBE (Teaching Business English) and TPE (Teaching Professional English).

Teaching Overseas:
Equipped with our internationally recognized TESOL Certificate Accreditation, TFSOL or TSSOL, graduates of our member institutions have no problem finding teaching jobs around the world– from Madrid to Bangkok, from Paris to Moscow, and from Buenos Aires to Tokyo.
Teaching in Canada or USA:
Although a regular TESOL Certificate without experience is typically sufficient for working overseas, it is inadequate for employments in North America. According to TESOL Canada & TESOL USA regulations, 300 hours of an accredited program must be completed to be certified to work in North America (should include at least a full level of 150 hours Teaching Experience and 150 hours of Theory). Most government funded institutions, recognized private schools, vocational language schools and colleges, community centers, as well as corporate training departments in Canada and USA demand an Accredited & Certified TESOL Teacher to teach their language programs.


Teaching in Universities and Colleges:

Internationally speaking, most Universities and Colleges as well as Ministry of Education Accredited High Schools and Secondary Schools do require PhD & Masters of Education from their employees.

However, if you only have a Bachelor’s of Education or your university degree is in an unrelated field, to work in a public school setting you need to obtain a “TESOL Certificate” that would be internationally recognized.

TESOL graduates Without Bachelors are strongly advised to complete “Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL” which is a 500 hour accredited program that includes both theory and experience for various levels of teaching.  Post Graduate TESOL Diploma in various places around the world is considered as valuable as a bachelor’s degree and can open additional employment opportunities to our graduates. More information regarding this course can be obtained from our Accredited Institutions or directly from TESOL USA.

Next Step:
If you are interested in becoming an Accredited TESOL USA Instructor or a TESOL USA Graduate Member please complete the form below to receive the “Membership Guide & Application“.


Additional Inquiry:

You may also inquire about upcoming Courses, Seminars and Webinars, Registrations, Scholarships, Tuition Fees, Employment Opportunities or becoming a State Ambassador in USA or Foreign Ambassador Agency by completing the following preliminary form:accreditation

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