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Courses Curriculums

Curriculum and Course Outlines

Style of Teaching

TESOL USA’s approved schools have two main styles of teaching:

A) Supported Distance Learning & Online.

B) Classroom Based Learning.

Students are advised to contact each school directly for their registrations and applications.


Correspondence / Online

Supported Distance Learning means you will be learning in your own time, by reading course material, working on course activities and completing tasks.

Course information will be provided through the Course Package and Online.

You may use both systems or either of the methods to continue studying.

Member schools will provide a personal tutor who will support you through the course.

With each returned module you will receive an assessment sheet, which allows your trainer to comment on your progress, giving advice and guidance for future modules.

A centralized team of TESOL Advisors are also available to assist you. If you felt you are in difficulties with any aspect of the course you are able to contact your school administration by email, phone, fax or letter.

If you faced any difficulties through your course and wish to add any comments or recommendations about your school programs you may contact TESOL USA directly.


Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

Classroom Based Courses

Classroom Based Learning means you will attend an onsite class where you will be taught by a number of trainers and have the opportunity to interact with other TESOL trainees. Classroom based learning also includes teaching practice on real language students.

Each module of your course will be illustrated by practical methods and strategies for use in the ESL classroom, with a real balance between theory and practice. Such presentations are followed through our accredited schools.

Onsite TESOL/TEFL Courses

Onsite intensive TESOL/TEFL courses have long been the traditional route to become a qualified teacher before teaching English abroad. We have a choice of locations in the TEFL hot spots of Spain, Greece, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the Czech Republic , Peru and the UK, which means you can coincide your TESOL/TEFL course with the beginning of your new overseas employment.


Distance Learning TESOL/TEFL Courses

Students benefit greatly from being able to study part-time, working from home or wherever it’s convenient. Some schools offer Online method of study plus supported distance learning – means that you can set your own timetable around the way you live working out your schedule with your school.

Studying Outside USA

Supported distance learning’ TESOL/TEFL courses enable you to study from anywhere in the world.

Combined TESOL/TEFL Courses

You can choose to combine supported distance learning with one or two weeks of classroom based learning at a choice of centers in London, Nantwich, UK; Barcelona, Spain, Greece, Peru and Prague, Czech Republic, Bahrain, Dubai, AmmanMexico City, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Seattle & Los Angeles.

Admissions & Scholarships

All students can apply for scholarship, however one out of four will be granted a scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is usually a third or sometimes half of your total tuition fees. TESOL USA requires all students to apply for TESOL/TEFL course participation by completing an Application Form. Since this form is to provide TESOL USA with vital and personal information that will enable us to assess your suitability for your chosen TESOL/TEFL course and to receive the TESOL USA Scholarship, the application is not available online, it will be emailed to you at your request.

TESOL Careers

TESOL Career Centers will help you make decisions about all aspects of your TEFL & TESL career planning and development, as well as giving you up-to-date advices on producing CVs and coping with interviews. TESOL USA will provide you some needed information in this matter.

Study Groups

TESOL can arrange a study group for you. Over the years, we have arranged many study groups for language schools, academic institutions and independent groups.

For more information please Contact Us.
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