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Mission and Standrads

To accomplish the highest teaching standards and professional excellence, overall mission of TESOL USA is to develop cutting edge programs and training for Language Teachers with the support of our institutional members.  TESOL USA strives for distinction in its educational endeavors by strengthening the association between theory and practice. TESOL USA is a non-political, non-profit educational and professional organization uniting teachers and institutions to promote and enhance the study and teaching of all languages on all educational levels. We value our ability to be responsive and innovative to meet the changing needs of our global economy with effective and responsible programming. TESOL USA is committed to informing the general public about TESOL qualifications and official accreditations throughout USA and abroad.


Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
Multilingualism is a 21st century trend, where in a mosaic borderless world to create business partnerships or communicate with neighbors or to conduct educational research most people feel the need of learning not just one but multiple languages. While multilingualism is becoming a social phenomenon governed by the needs of globalization and cultural openness, teaching a second languages is among one of the fastest growing career opportunities across the globe! As boundaries between countries are fading away, governments, corporations, businesses and educational institutions across the globe are finding it vital to be multilingual. Multilingualism offers an access and exposure to different cultures creating an environment of greater tolerance and open-mindedness promoting cultural respect and understanding.
 United States was the first country in the world to adopt Multiculturalism as an official policy and by doing so USA affirmed the value and dignity of all US citizens regardless of their racial or ethnic origins, their languages, or their religious affiliations.  Acceptance gives Americans a feeling of security and self-confidence, making them more open to, and accepting of diverse cultures. Our experience has shown that multiculturalism encourages racial and ethnical harmony with diversified cross-cultural understanding as a national asset. Recent advances in technology have made international communications more important than ever. America ranks amongst the highest nations to have citizens who speak multiple languages. This has significantly increased USA’s ability as a nation to participate globally in areas of education, peace keeping missions, trade and diplomacy.

 TESOL USA’s Core Values
Professionalism in Language Education

  • Accreditation of TESOL USA is a statement of quality, standard, effectiveness, and prestige among the highly achieved credible educational members of our nation and worldwide

Preserving American Multicultural Heritage:

  • In addition to English Teachers Training Programs widely offered across USA through many recognized schools, TESOL USA has been the first pioneer to develop additional programs for teachers of French TFSOL, Spanish TSSOL, Italian TISOL, Portuguese TPSOL, Chinese TCSOL, Korean TKSOL, Japanese TJSOL, Arabic TASOL, and most recently Russian TRSOL & Turkish TTSOL. We are dedicated to promote rights & privileges of each language.

Validating Members as Professionals

  • TESOL USA only grants membership to elite language teachers working with professional organizations aiding with our students’ field of study.

Accessible High Quality Education

  • Several Accredited Institutors offer their courses online, creating a borderless system allowing teachers from all over the globe to have access to their high quality education.

Partnerships in Global Community

  • Our International   Affiliated   Centers  offer   TESOL   programs   through   TESOL Los   Angeles   &   TESOL   America,  TESOL   New   York,   Miami   TESL   Florida, TESOL   Mexico   City,   Acapulco,  TESL  Brazil  Rio   de   Janeiro, TESL  Chili  Santiago, Republic Dominican,  TESOL  Europe  EUTA Barcelona & Madrid, Rome, London, Belfast Scotland, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow,  TESOL  Arabia  Dubai  City,  Jordan, TESOL  Asia  in Tehran, Nagoya, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Thailand and TESOL Vietnam.
  • TESOL USA values networking among the second/foreign  language communities to promote global unity & educational equality.

Respect for Diversity and Multiculturalism

  • Multiculturalism ensures that all citizens can celebrate their identities, take pride in their ancestry and have a sense of belonging.
  • Our diversity creates a society in which we can appreciate the rich tapestry of human cultures.

Promoting Second Language Learning and Teaching

  • TESOL USA is committed to improving appreciation, awareness and understanding of the importance of second language learning and teaching throughout USA and worldwide.
  • TESOL USA values the importance of languages and the ability to communicate in a second language which contributes to the development of human potentials.
  • Being bilingual is an individual social asset that adds to the expansion of one’s knowledge and understanding. Speaking more than one language increases one’s cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, creativity and memory.

Never Stop Improving
•     TESOL USA offers many additional upgrading programs to enhance our member’s professional development and keep our graduates competitive.


Following is the list of current supporters & accredited bodies of TESOL USA: For more inquiries, please CONTACT US 

TESOL Los Angeles

TESOL New York

TESOL Canada

University of California Los Angeles UCLA

University of Columbia, New York

University of New York 

Education Canada

University of Manhattan

University of Cambridge, UK

University of Oxford, UK

University of London, UK

University of Tokyo, Japan


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