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General Guidelines for Scholarships

Scholarship providers use TESOL USA more like a hub to connect to their applicants to provide their awards. Scholarships provided to TESOL USA students and applicants are Tax Deductible in the United States and Canada, and help in educational growth of our North American society. Scholarship providers are among our Institutional Members, Web Based Enterprises, World Visionaries, Scholars and Colleges that see the future in education.

As the number of scholarships grow annually, different sponsors vary in their parameters for granting their awards.  It is advised that applicants check the following description of each scholarship before completing an application. Once an application is submitted it can not be changed or revised. Each applicant can only apply to One Scholarship (multiple applications can be rejected). 

The award entitlement’ – Some scholarships are very generous and would cover all the costs while others would help with 40 % to 70 % of expenses but you would need to have some further funding of your own to be able to afford the TESOL Course or a TESOL Conference. Awards are listed on fixed amounts and cannot be increased.

‘The award qualifications’ – If you don’t meet the qualifications your application will not be considered. Rules vary from one scholarship to the other. Some require former teaching experience while others may not. Some require being a native speaker while others require a fluency and proficiency level from a non native speaker. Being a North American resident (Canada, USA & Mexico) is a requirement in some cases and some scholarships are available for all international applicants from South America to Middle East, Europe and Asia. However, almost all Scholarship programs require applicants to be an individual member of TESOL USA, TESOL Canada, TESOL Asia, or IATEFL organization. Membership information is available at Individual Membership Page.

‘The award considerations’ – Applications must be received before their applicable deadlines listed in each program. To apply to any award one single application is used at ‘Scholarship Application’.  You will be asked to upload an I.D Card such as a Driver’s License or Passport and your Resume/ CV which shall include work experience, educational experience, a cover motivational letter for inclusion in the program, identification and scholarship nominations.


Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships:

When is the application deadline? 

Although each award has it’s own set of requirement generally TESOL USA has four scholarship deadlines per year for four seasonal programs. Students applying for educational programs such as TESOL, TFSOL, TSSOL, TASOL, TCSOL, TEC, TBE, TCE, TPE & CIT in Certificate or Post Graduate Diploma level should apply for scholarship at least two months prior to the start date of the program. Tentative Scholarship Application Deadlines are June 30th for September (Fall) programs, October 30th for January (Winter) programs, January 30th for April (Spring) programs and March 30th for June (Summer) programs.  Please see the Scholarship Application Guide for each program.

Applicants and teachers applying for a grant to attend a TESOL Conference, may apply for Conference Grants at least two months before the conference commencement.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

No, You can only submit One scholarship application to One available funding.

Is the TESOL USA membership a requirement for scholarship?

TESOL USA Membership is required to apply, but once a scholarship is approved, grants will only be released to members only. Hence one can apply for membership after the approval of a certain scholarship. In such a case a TESOL USA Honorary Membership will be granted and membership fee will be waved.

Is there a presentation or a research paper required to get a scholarship?

Some scholarships may require a presentation, some may require completion of an online lesson project (Such as a Lesson Plan), some may require writing a research paper or submitting a formerly published research paper and some may require no work at all.  TESOL USA will have full permission and rights to publish all provided papers, assignments and online projects on TESOL USA Journals for educational purposes.

How often can one be considered for a scholarship?

Only once, winning a scholarship is one chance for each qualified applicant. Applicants will not be permitted to apply twice in two different years.

When will I be notified?

Perspective candidates will be notified of their acceptance between two to four weeks after their application deadlines. As scholarships acceptances are emailed, an email confirmation of your acceptance and participation will be required. Rejected applicants will also be notified within four weeks after the application deadlines.

After winning, when and where would I receive my scholarship? 

  • Part One will be paid in advance to arrange your travel costs to attend the conference. Part Two will be granted on the opening ceremony of the conference directly by TESOL USA representative and the Scholarship Sponsor.
  • For applicants undertaking a TESOL USA study program, Scholarship will be forwarded to their institutions.

List of available scholarships and their general application is available Here. 

TESOL TFSOL Scholarship Application

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