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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Membership And Accreditation


1) If I am denied Instructor Accreditation may I appeal the decision?

  • Yes, applicants who are denied Instructor Accreditation may appeal the decision to the TESOL USA Appeals Board. However, a denied applicant’s Accreditation Fee is Refundable.

2) How to File an Appeal.
In order to file an appeal, please request the “Appeal Application Form” by email. Complete the form and email it back to TESOL USA for processing. There is no Appeal Application review fee.  Appeal Applications review process may take up to eight weeks. As soon as Board of Appeal reaches a decision, an official decision will be emailed/ mailed to you. Once the appeal is granted, TESOL USA will recognize you as an accredited member. If an appeal is rejected, you may submit a new application six months after the initial rejection date providing the fact that there will be improvements in your status.

2) If an applicant does not have a university post graduate degree (Masters or PhD), can they still qualify for TESOL USA Instructor Accreditation? 

  • TESOL USA considers a Masters or PhD degree as crucial components of the overall education that an instructor is set to have in order to deliver a TESOL training program.
  • If an applicant wants to qualify for TESOL USA Instructor Accreditation and he or she does not have a Master’s degree, person is required to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL which should include a minimum of 300 hours of TESOL theory and methodology training, and a minimum 150 hours of TESOL practicum completed through a TESOL USA recognized institution or directly at TESOL USA. In most cases a recognized TESOL Certificate with one year teaching experience can also be accepted.

3) If an applicant holds a graduate level of education (Masters or PhD), are they automatically qualified to receive TESOL USA’s Instructor Accreditation? 

  • No, Applicants with a graduate level of education (not in field of TESOL) need to provide substantial proof of teaching experience in TESOL and ESL. Such applicants are also required to have completed a TESOL program with a minimum of 300 hours of theory, methodology & practicum completed in a TESOL USA recognized institution. The only situation where an applicant does not need a TESOL Certificate or Post Graduate Diploma is when the applicant has a Master or PhD specifically in TESOL.

4) Do Applicants who obtain degrees from universities located in the Canada/ U. K. /Australia/ European Union countries & Mexico, need to complete an American Equivalency report? 

  • No, if a degree is from a university outside USA but among the above listed countries an equivalency report to TESOL USA would not be required.  However, if graduated from any other country, person is required to have his/her documents evaluated by an official American Equivalency Bureau.

5) How long does it take for an application to be processed?

  • It normally takes four weeks to process an application

6) If I am applying for Instructor Accreditation am I automatically considered a member?

  • Yes, once you become an accredited instructor you are automatically a member and have access to all the benefits associated with TESOL USA membership.

7) Should applicants who apply for TESOL USA Instructor Accreditation have to pay fees associated with both membership and accreditation?

  • The Instructor Accreditation fee is $500 which if approved includes first year membership fee.
  • Instructors Membership Fees for Follow up years is only $100 per year.
  • General Membership fee for TESOL graduates is $300 for the first year and $100 for any additional year.

8) Do membership applicants pay a $300 fee annually?

  • No, the $300 membership fee is a one-time payment; existing members are required to pay an annual fee of only $100.

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