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imagesPost Graduate Diploma or Certificate in TEC Teaching English to Children, TFC Teaching French (EFE), TSC Teaching  Spanish to Children (EESN) as well as Teaching Arabic to Children (TAC) & Teaching Chinese to Children (TCC).

(TEC Modules A, B & C)

Many overseas teaching positions involve teaching children, a unique experience which is both rewarding and challenging. Compared to adults, children are more energetic, have shorter attention spans and learn language according to specific stages of development; this may present challenges for the teacher. The key to teaching English or other languages to children is to understand the principles of language acquisition and apply them in ways which keep children motivated to learn. This 500 hour, (6 months) Teaching English to Children TEC Post Graduate Diploma Program, expands upon teaching philosophies examined with TESOL USA standards. TESOL/TESL Post Graduate Diploma Program includes both a TESOL Post Graduate Diploma and a TEC Certificate which will prepare you to design and implement curriculums specifically for young learners of varying ages and skill levels as well as for adults in TESOL part. Program includes both theoretical and experimental training for children in daycares, day camps and primary schools.  Students have the opportunity to work first-hand with young learners of various ages and skill levels. The “TEC Specialized Certificate” program is designed for students who have completed a general TESOL Certificate and wish for further specialize their teaching abilities. This program is also available for Teaching French, Chinese, Arabic & Spanish to Children respectively known as TFC (EFE) , TCC, TAC & TSC (EESN).



TESOL & TEC Post Graduate Diploma Programs:

(TESOL & TEC Module A)

A 600-Hour (6 months) General Module TESOL Post Graduate Diploma is combined with a Specialization in Teaching English to Children TEC Post Graduate Diploma. (This includes TESOL  Post Graduate Diploma & a TEC  Certificate)- This program is best suited for individuals without a prior TESOL certificate or experience. (Available Online & On-Campus)

TEC Certification Program: (TEC Module B)

A 300- Hour (3 months)  TEC Certificate Program is best suited for individuals with prior TESOL Certificate or Teaching Experience. (Available Online & On-Campus)

TEC Post Graduate Diploma Program: (TEC Module C)

300-hour course to be completed within three months at one of TESOL USA’s member institutions which includes both theory and experience in this field. (Available Online & On-Campus)


Online & Correspondence:cropped-online_education_logo.jpg

All Diploma programs offered through TESOL USA institutional members may be followed On-Campus or conducted by correspondence and online studies. The duration of each program may be slightly different at various institutions.  Theoretical aspects of the courses can be conducted online, however the experience portion of the program must be conducted at a representative school of TESOL USA in your region.


For Module A; High School Diploma and Two years of College or University Studies. (No prior TESOL Cert. required)
For Module B & C; High School Diploma, One Year College Study plus a TESOL Certificate with Teaching Experience.

Course Objectives: 

In completing the TESOL USA Teaching English to Children Modules, you will:

Gain a theoretical and practical overview of how to teach ESL to children
Examine the work of child development theorists
Investigate ways of incorporating the “Children Language Acquisition” methods of our college, ideas and methodologies within your own curriculum
Gain a better understanding of how to teach phonics
Learn where to find useful teaching resources and materials
Experience teaching language skills to children of various ages and skill levels different levels and ages

Recommended Background;

No previous working experience with children is required. Students should possess enthusiasm for children learning and development.

Course Content (Theory)

Special considerations for teaching English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or French are provided to children
Investigate curious child development and learning theories
Introduction to multiple learning disabilities, how to teach children with special needs
Approaches to planning units and structuring lessons for children
Teaching specific skills: vocabulary, listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and literacy development
Innovative and interesting activities specifically designed to keep children interested
Examination of proactive classroom management techniques
Critical review and evaluation of teaching resources (books and websites)

Course Evaluations

In this module students will complete a multiple-choice examination based on all sections of the course manual and corresponding textbook readings. A student may earn an honor distinction in this module by scoring an average of 95% or higher on the final TESOL Board Exam.

Course Materials

Teaching English to Children Course Book
Teaching English to Children Assignment Booklet
New Parade Level 1 Teacher’s Edition, Mario Herrera & Theresa Zanatta, 2000
New Parade Level 1 Student’s Edition, Mario Herrera & Theresa Zanatta, 2000

Employment Opportunities

Students who achieve the TESOL Post Graduate Diploma in conjunction with the specializing TEC certification will have the opportunity to teach in many educational institutes across USA or worldwide. English as a Second Language is being introduced at a young age and therefore has become an essential part of schools curriculums and activities. There are countless positions available for full time, part time school teachers, after-school programs, day camps and private tutoring sessions. Having the ability to engage a group of young learners in fun activities that instill new skills is an extremely valuable qualification for teaching positions in USA, Canada & abroad.

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