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Post Graduate Programs

Upgrading Free Career & Training Seminars and Employment Workshops Accessible to All Members.
Since 1995 TESOL USA has been dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in accreditation of TESOL, TESL or TEFL training both in USA & Overseas. In 2000 TESOL USA developed more specialized programs for specific purposes such as TEC Teaching English to Children, TBE Teaching Business English, TAE Teaching Academic English and finally TEP Teaching English to Professionals. An entirely sophisticated new program has also been developed as Teaching Academic Subjects “TAS” which is almost teaching in any academic subjects for Masters & PhD holders in related fields as well as teaching the related lexicons and terminologies of a particular trade or profession. Worth mentioning that TEP is available in three major branches of Engineering, Health Science & Governmental Studies & Law.
These seminars are Free for all members of TESOL USA. Professional development programs will enable our members to become more knowledgeable, effective and accomplished. Upgrading seminars and workshops are held quarterly in Canada, USA and Online so they are accessible to all members. 
These seminars include following subjects:

Seminars Duration Applicable fees Description
TEC (Teaching English to Children) Weekend program (10 hrs) FREE Concentrates on Conversation Activities and Teaching through games.
TFC/ EFE (Teaching French to Children) Weekend Program (10 hrs) FREE
TSC/ EEsN (Teaching Spanish to Children) Weekend Program (10 hrs) FREE
TEG (Teaching English Grammar) Weekend Program (10 hrs) FREE Specialized in Adults ESL English Grammar education.
TAE (Teaching Academic English) Weekend Program (10 hrs) FREE
TBE (Teaching Business English) Weekend Program (10 hrs) FREE

  • Additional Post Graduate online and correspondence courses in career advancements are offered in various schools and colleges in USA, Canada and abroad.
  • Setting up curriculum standards in TESOL specifications such as TEC (Teaching English to Children), TAE (Teaching Academic English), TBE (Teaching Business English) and TPE (Teaching Professional English).
  • Professional presentation of Job Seekers. Personalized online resume as well as local and International employers access to teachers data base.
  • Overseas Employment Contract Verification and legalizations.
  • Following are sites that may be able to help teachers in their Lesson Plans, Conversation Activities and Employment search. www.bbc.co.uk (Languages Section) & www.britishcouncil.org




Post Graduate Programs in TESOL include, Post Graduate Diploma, Master and PhD in TESOL, CIT (Translation), Educational Leadership, TASOL, TSSOL and TCSOL.

Following is the list of current supporters & accredited bodies of TESOL USA with approved Post Graduate TESOL Programs:

TESOL Los Angeles

TESOL New York

TESOL Canada

University of California Los Angeles UCLA

University of Columbia, New York

University of New York 

Education Canada

University of Manhattan

University of Cambridge, UK

University of Oxford, UK

University of London, UK

University of Tokyo, Japan


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