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Teaching Business English- TBE

TBE – Teaching Business English  & TPE – Teaching Professional English  



“TBE & TPE Certificate & Post Graduate Diploma”    (TBE Module A , B & C)

International English is the concept of the English language as a global means of communication in numerous dialects, and also the movement towards an international standard for one common language. The majority of the content on internet is in English, majority of the world’s emails are written in English, and it is the official language of the Olympic Games. The World Trade Organization debriefs, meets, and publicizes in English, even if the representatives are from countries where English is not the native language. Majority of Social Media, Employment Opportunities, most TV programs, Tabloid Magazines, International News, Online Education and almost anything important is in English or if it’s in a different language an English translation of it is available.  These are among the many reasons why adult learners abroad need ESL teachers like you. This is your opportunity to teach the future leaders and business innovators of tomorrow, to effectively communicate on an international level. Teaching Business English TBE will give you the unique skills required to teach adults how to correspond and function in English throughout their day-to-day operations and within the global business world.  TPE Teaching Professional English on the other hand is designed for specialized language terminologies used in different professions such as Health Sciences. Law or Engineering. For instance TPE includes Medical Terminology Class using Biomedical Vocabularies and Biological-Dictionary. Most medical schools nowadays include three to six credits of their courses in Medical & Health Science Terminology. These may often be in English or latin but have to be included in TPE program. Legal terminologies on the other hand deal with Business Laws, Contracts and Agreements language, courts, politics and governmental legislations language.

TBE & TPE Certification Program (Module A)

600-Hour (6 months) General Module TESOL Certificate with Specialization in Teaching Business English TBE Certificate. (This includes a TESOL  Certificate, a TBE  Certificate as well as a TPE certificate)
General TESOL Certificate is 300 hours and the TBE & TPE Certificates together is an additional 300 hour program. This program is available both Online and On-Campus. No prior TESOL education or experience is required to register.

TBE & TPE Post Graduate Diploma Programs (Module B)

600-hour course to be completed within six months at one of TESOL USA’s member institutions.
Includes 300 hours of the Post Graduate TBE Diploma along with an additional 300 hours of the Post Graduate TPE Diploma Program. It is available Online and On-Campus. Prior TESOL Certificate is required to register.

TBE or TPE Post Graduate Diploma Program (Module C – selecting one program)

300-hour course to be completed within three months at one of TESOL USA’s member institutions.
Includes 300 hours of the Post Graduate TBE Diploma or selectively 300 hours of the Post Graduate TPE Diploma Program. Students may chose one or the other. It is available Online and On-Campus. Prior TESOL Certificate is required to register.


 Online & Correspondence Studies:

All Diploma programs offered through TESOL USA institutional members may be conducted by correspondence/ online. The duration of the course may vary from institution to institution.  Theoretical aspects of the courses can be conducted correspondence/ online, however the experience portion of the program must be conducted at a representative school of TESOL USA in your region.


For Module A;  High School Diploma and Two years of College or University Studies. (No prior TESOL Cert. required)
For Module B & C; High School Diploma, One Year College Study plus a TESOL Certificate with Teaching Experience.

Course Objective:

In completing the TESOL USA approved Teaching Business English TBE Diploma, you will:

Gain a theoretical and practical overview of how to teach business English in the classroom
Be provided with numerous practical lessons for teaching
Learn how to teach your students to be calm and confident while carrying out employment tasks such as speaking English on the phone or presenting within a group setting or public speaking
Gain better understanding of business topics to discuss in an ESL classroom
Learn where to find useful teaching resources and materials

Recommended Background;

Although Business Experience can help but no previous business knowledge or background is required to take this course. In TPE career specific experience or education is needed.

Course Content:

Understanding business English, including specific challenges faced by adult learners through the use of case studies
Strategies for designing icebreakers and motivating students based on the principles of communicative teaching
How to develop and implement business English lessons and units
How to teach verbal communication skills in business English
How to teach written communication skills in business English
Approaches to teaching business English vocabulary and useful expressions
Techniques for choosing and integrating business English resources

Course Evaluations:

In this module students will complete readings, examine lessons, and complete a TESOL Board Examination that consists of 85 multiple-choice questions and a written section. A student may earn honors status in this module by scoring an average of 95% or higher on the Board Exam.

Course Materials:

Teaching Business English Course Book
Teaching Business English Assignment Booklet
New International Business English Student’s Book, Updated Edition (Leo Jones & Richard Alexander, 2003)
New International Business English Student’s Book , Updated Edition – Audio CD Set (Leo Jones)

Employment Opportunities:

Students who achieve the TESOL Post Graduate Diploma with Specialization in Teaching Business English will possess the theoretical and practical skills required for today’s ESL industry to teach adult business professionals how to correspond and communicate in English.  International corporations, government agencies, universities and other institutions are recruiting ESL teachers across the globe to train their employees and graduates.
Positions for teachers specializing in business English have sky rocketed over the past decade and are growing at an astonishing rate.

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