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TCSOL Post Graduate Diploma (Module A & B)

China is the world’s second largest economy and has the world’s fastest-growing major economy over the past 30 years. China is also the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in the world. Millions of organizations, corporations and industries are involved with businesses across china. Communication with this major section of the world has become more vital than ever.  Mandarin, Chinese official language has become an important tool of business and cultural exchanges for all corporations working with China or Chinese business across the globe. TESOL Canada is the founder of TCSOL in Canada and one of the world’s first pioneers of this program since was launched in 1995. TESOL USA with an agreement with TESOL Canada is offering TCSOL across USA & worldwide. Teaching the rules of Chinese grammar & Conversation can be extremely challenging without the proper training. Since native Chinese speakers learn grammar incidentally, many Chinese teachers find it easy to make grammatical corrections but difficult to explain the grammatical rules behind them. Teaching Chinese TCSOL Diploma Program provides you with a thorough understanding of different aspects of grammar and enables you to learn the techniques to teach this subject more effectively in a classroom. In this course you will find concepts set in an interesting practical approach to provide you and your students with a better learning experience.

TCSOL Certification Program (Module A)online_education_logo

  • 300 Hours: General Module TESOL Certificate with Specialization in Teaching Chinese.
  • TCSOL Theory is 150 hours and the TCSOL Practical part is additional 150 hours.

TCSOL Post Graduate Diploma Program TCSOL + TCC (Module B)

  • 600-hour course to be completed within six months at one of TESOL USA’s member institutions
  • Includes 300 hours of the General Module TCSOL Certificate along with an additional 300 hours of the TCC Teaching Chinese to Children Certificate. 

Online & Correspondence:article-2227411-15D60B13000005DC-931_468x310

All Diploma programs offered through TESOL USA may be conducted by correspondence & online. Theoretical aspects of the courses can be conducted correspondence/ online while the experience portion must be completed at a representative school of TESOL USA in your region.


  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree, in any field, taught in the Mandarin Language.
  • If a Bachelor is in different language, United Nation‘s Chinese Language Proficiency Exam will be conducted.
  • Applicants with only one year of college education may be accepted with sufficient teaching experience.

Course Objective/ Content:

In completion of the TESOL USA’s Teaching Chinese TCSOL Module, students will:

  • Perfect your own grammar & conversation skills and be encouraged to develop a holistic approach to teaching grammar & conversation
  • Be able to identify common grammatical errors, learn strategies to communicate proper techniques in an integrated and enjoyable manner
  • Develop communication tasks for students
  • Learn strategies for designing different types of units including an “Icebreaker” Lesson Plan
  • Learn a vast array of entertaining lesson plans to incorporate grammar and conversational activities
  • Develop a great deal of knowledge regarding teaching methodologies including Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
  • Learn how effectively teach students of various ages
  • Learn how to become a motivational and operative instructor
  • Develop a list of valuable resources to use in the classroom
  • Have experience in an interview setting (Grammar & Conversation are the basic components in every language classroom and Chinese teachers will often have skills of students be evaluated in the interview process)

Recommended Background:

Applicants should be native speakers and have a proper understanding of Chinese grammar through high school and/or University/College education. Non-native applicants will be admitted into the program based on the results of TESOL USA’s Chinese Proficiency Exam (CPE). CPE is the UN equivalent for Chinese University Language Evaluation CULE recognized by China’s Ministry of Education.

Course Evaluations

In this module students will complete readings, personal reflections, assignments and complete the course by writing a final examination which will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions and a written segment.  Students may earn honor distinctions in this module by scoring an average of 95% or higher on the final TCSOL Board Exam.

Employment Opportunities

Several of our TCSOL Graduates work for foreign enterprises and corporations across the world which exchange businesses with China. Our graduates hold various prestigious positions and work with individual CEOs, Directors of companies and teach mandarin language skills to foreign ambassadors, politicians and corporate partners. Several teachers have found meaningful positions both locally and abroad. Many graduates also teach Chinese to children (who may not have attended Chinese educational schooling) in North American Chinese communities, or to foreign residents children living in China.

For more information or to register please complete our online application/ contact form or call us at 1 (888) 360-3113.

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