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 Thinking About Becoming a Certified Language Teacher?

Our graduates enjoy fulfilling, exciting and rewarding careers around the globe.  Employment opportunities for certified language teachers are sky rocketing as our world becomes more and more intertwined. Over 20,000 ESL teaching jobs, 11,000 French and over 5,000 Spanish position are being advertised each month globally; there is no better time than now to learn to teach English, French, Arabic, Chinese or Spanish in North America or overseas!

Advantages of Obtaining a TESOL Certificate

Want to Travel the World?

  • Equipped with our internationally recognized TESOL Certificate Accreditation, TFSOL or TSSOL, graduates from our member institutions have no problem finding teaching jobs around the world, in USA, Canada, Madrid to Bangkok, Paris to Moscow, and from Buenos Aires to Tokyo.
  • The chance to learn about other cultures and gain valuable exposure to varied characters and lifestyles on our One Planet.

Want a Rewarding Career?

  • Our graduates have the pleasure of seeing their students increase their ability to communicate
  • They significantly impact the lives of their students
  • They create friendships that last a lifetime
  • Young teachers broaden their visions, gain invaluable experiences, develop their international communication skills, establish international contacts, and learn about other business and educational prospects that may not exist in North America.

Want to Optimize your Resume?

  • Having overseas teaching experience is a unique asset that differentiates many of our graduates and gives them a competitive advantage.
  • Specializing and upgrading seminars at TESOL USA equips our graduates with the latest and up to date teaching material.
  • Younger graduates without extensive prior work experience discover upon their return that their overseas teaching employment becomes invaluable in opening doors to job opportunities and career choices that were previously unattainable.
  • In old times, to really grow up and become independent one would join a Church Mission, Army, Navy or Air Force. Today one needs to travel and experience the world and there is no better way to do it than through TESOL. Of course if you prefer, you can still join the military to gain their invaluable experience and skills but perhaps this time as a Language Teacher.

Not Sure What to do With Your University Degree?

  • It is well known that fresh university graduates often have difficulty finding meaningful employments.
  • An undergraduate degree alone is not sufficient enough to get graduates the jobs they desire
  • Working overseas provides real world life experience
  • It also gives graduates opportunities to travel, work and make a difference in other students lives

Already a Teacher?

  • A recognized TESOL certificate will enhance your teaching techniques, opening up more employment opportunities.
  • A TESOL certificate is great for teachers who are craving the excitement of exploring the world and love their existing career.

Want to Make a Difference?

  • Teaching English is a rewarding career as it is the primary language of the business, political and entertainment world.
  • Students in language schools abroad gain unlimited opportunities after becoming bilingual.
  • Humanity is indebted to the knowledge that brings peace and prosperity worldwide, and that knowledge is not possible without the means to communicate which in most cases is the knowledge of English, Arabic, Chinese, French & Spanish languages.

Want to Learn Another Language?

  • The majority of our graduates who teach overseas have the pleasure of learning the languages of their host countries
  • Speaking more than one language increases your cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, creativity and memory
  • It works wonders on a cover letter as bilingual applicants are always given priority over unilingual applicants. Bilinguals can get prosperous career opportunities in the retail, transport, tourism, administration, public relations, marketing, banking, accountancy, translation, law and teaching sectors (to name a few).

Want to Earn a Significant Income & pay off your Education Loans?

  • Our graduates earn a significantly higher income compared to their counterparts (equivalent age and education)
  • TESOL / TESL accreditation qualification and TESOL Membership awarded by TESOL USA are recognized by institutions throughout, Canada, USA, UK, the European Union and the rest of the world. They demonstrate your academic success and add values that show you have commitment, ambition and self-discipline – qualities important to prospective TESL employers
  • Students who obtain their certification from one of our member institutions earn a higher income in comparison to other language teachers
  • Most students pay off their tuition fee loans within one to two years of working overseas.

Want Employment Security?

  • Globally some 400 million people speak English as their first language and another 600 million speak it as their second. 250 million people speak French and up to 500 million people speak Spanish. A billion people are learning one of the above languages, and it is predicted almost half of the world will be proficient in English by the year 2050 & the other half is divided in Chinese, Arabic, French & Spanish.
  • Jobs for certified language teachers worldwide are growing at an astonishing rate
  • Language schools in USA and around the world are more careful in hiring their teachers and gradually TESOL Certification has found its place of standards among employers in the language industry

Want to Grow as a Person?

  • Our graduates enjoy increased independence and self-reliance
  • Graduates develop a more accurate understanding of their own culture and habits
  • The experience of teaching overseas will increase your communication skills, maturity, integrity, and knowledge of the world peace and cultures

Want to Become a Language Teacher in North America?

  • In North America most accredited private schools, vocational language schools and colleges, community centers, business language schools as well as corporate training departments demand an Accredited TESOL Certified Teacher to teach their language programs
  • As English is the primary language of most States,  Spanish is widely spoken in various destinations such as California, New Mexico, Florida, Texas & New York; there is a high demand for Spanish and French teachers (Louisiana) across USA. Not to mention the growing demand for Chinese & Arabic in business world.

Don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree but Want to Teach?

  • TESOL graduates without a Bachelor are strongly advised to complete a “Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL” which is a 500 hour accredited program which includes both theory and experience
  • Post Graduate TESOL Diploma in various places around the world is considered as valuable as a bachelor’s degree and can open additional employment opportunities

Want to Further your Post-Secondary Education?

  • Graduates who are planning to continue in the education field find that their overseas teaching experience becomes a valuable asset when applying for advanced degrees
  • Aside from Certificate & Post Graduate Diplomas, TESOL is also available in Masters or PhD levels.

Want a Recognized Education?

  • TESOL USA approved schools are mostly approved by Department of Education of United States and often approved by their specific States Secretary of Education.
  • TESOL USA approved programs are also approved through World Teachers Organization- WTO.

“No matter what path you choose in life you’ll always end up to the path that life has chosen for you, this may be your destiny.”

Choose one of the following TESOL programs and your life will never be the same. 


To Register in any of our approved TESOL programs please contact us .

For the list of Accredited Schools & programs in your State please Contact Us.

If you are School, to become a recognized by TESOL USA please contact us.

If you are a Teacher, to become accredited by TESOL USA please contact us.

Be aware that Group-On courses, Meet-Up Courses and Programs less than 300 hrs in duration are  not registered or approved through TESOL USA. 

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